Its characteristics

Les Roussins Germain washed with Marc de Bourgogne are melty, washed rind cheeses with deep aromas. Their small size make them a tasty cheese suitable for all situations.A soft, smooth and creamy centre with a delicate, nuanced and balanced taste hides behind its slightly orange rind.


Did you know ?

The Roussin is the smallest cheese in the Germain range. It is refined with Marc de Bourgogne just like the Epoisses.

The Roussin is a traditional cheese from the Burgundy region

Tasting suggestions

Roussins cheeses are not only an excellent addition to a cheeseboard but also lend themselves to a wide variety of dishes for an aperitif snack or meal.

Pairing Les Roussins-Wine

A red Gevrey-Chambertin will be an ideal match for your Roussins cheeses

Ingredients and nutritional values

Full fat soft Cheese
Ingredients : Pasteurized Cow's milk (Origin: France), Salt, Cultures, Marc de Bourgogne

Nutritional information for 100g
Calories 1 098,00 KJ/265,00 KCal | Fat 22,00g | Of which saturated 15,00g | Carbohydrates 1,30g | Of which sugars 0,50g | Protein 15,00g | Salt 1,70g

Available formats