Its characteristics

The Gourmet Germain range consists of small cheeses from a process fully made by hand from moulding to maturing. These fine-rind cheeses reveal a soft and melty texture concealing  a unique taste. It exists in 2 emblematic varieties from the traditions of Burgundy and Champagne region.

Truffle, an exceptional ingredient, gives this cheese a subtly balanced character.


Did you know ?

The Gourmet Truffe is a delicate creation of our cheese makers. The truffle used is the truffle of Saint Jean.

Gourmet Truffe cheese is inspired by Bourgogne (Burgundy) tradition

Tasting suggestions

Le Gourmet cheeses will be excellent served on a cheeseboard, as snacks or in warm dishes.

Pairing Le Gourmet à la Truffe-Wine

A Chablis Grand Cru is an excellent choice to go with your cheese

Ingredients and nutritional values

The Gourmet with Truffle: Soft-ripened pasteurised cow’s milk cheese with Saint Jean truffle (1.1%), and natural flavouring

Ingredients : Pasteurized Milk (Origin: France), Salt, Summer Truffles 1.1% (Tuber Aestivum), Summer Truffle Cooking Water (Water, Salt), Milk Proteins, Natural Flavouring, Ferments. May contain traces of mustard.

Calories 1162 kJ/278 kcal | Fat 22g | of which saturated 15g | Carbohydrates 3,9g | of which sugars 0,5g | Proteins 16g | Salt 1,20g

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