Its characteristics

Characteristics: Awarded an AOC (certified origin) label in 1991, Epoisses was awarded PDO protected origin certification in 1996.
Epoisses PDO is an authentic product from the Burgundy region. It is produced by Fromagerie Germain strictly in line with recipes from long ago.
Rubbed with grape brandy, the orange crust of this cow’s milk cheese contains a creamy cheese with a typical taste, revealing balanced, clear, fruity flavours. Epoisses reveals an even creamier texture when baked in the oven.
Germain Epoisses for use in baking comes in an elegant terracotta pot that can be put directly in the oven. Aesthetic and reusable, this pot can be used afterwards to hold sauces, flowers or for any other decorative purpose...  Intensity

Did you know ?

It is named after the village of Epoisses, located on the Côte d’Or, in the East of France.
- This cheese was first recorded in the 16th century.
- It takes 2 litres of milk to make a 250g Epoisses!
- It needs to mature for at least 28 days
- Author, Brillat-Savarin, described Epoisses as the “King of Cheese” and Napoleon the 1st adored this cheese, served with Chambertin wine.
- The types of cow used to produce milk for this cheese are mainly Brune, Simmental and Montbeliard, due to their continued strong agricultural presence.
Germain Epoisses was recently a gold medal winner in the general French agricultural competition (CGA) and WCA (World Cheese Awards).

Epoisses AOP à cuire au four is a traditional product of

Tasting suggestions

Suggestions for serving: Epoisses for cooking can be served by itself or enjoyed by guests as an aperitif snack. It can be served with bread, potatoes or even vegetables. Check out our recipes here.


Opt for a Gevrey-Chambertin or Morey-Saint-Denis
Choose a dry white wine, such as a Meursault or Chablis Grand Cru

Ingredients and nutritional values

Washed rind cheese
Ingredients : Pasteurized Cow's milk (Origin: France), Salt, Cultures, Marc de Bourgogne

Nutritional information for 100g
Calories 1 201,00 KJ / 290,00 KCal | Fat 24,00g | Of which saturated 17,00g | Carbohydrates 1,00g | Of which sugars 0,30g | Protein 17,00g | Salt 1,80g

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