Its characteristics

Chaource was granted CDO in 1970 then PDO in 1996. The Chaource AOP Germain is a soft-ripened cheese with a bloomy rind. Its manufacturing process requires it to be exclusively made with cow’s milk. Under its velvety white rind, Chaource reveals a firm, deliciously delicate and soft centre with mild, fresh and fruity flavours, recognisable by its aromas of cream and fresh mushrooms.


Did you know ?

This cow's milk cheese is named after a village in Champagne, which adjoins Burgundy and Auxerrois regions.

The Chaource is a traditional product from Champagne region

Tasting suggestions

Chaource cheese is not only an excellent addition to a cheeseboard but also lends itself to a wide variety of hot and cold dishes, etc.

Pairing Chaource AOP-Wine

A red Epineuil Burgundy will be an ideal match for your Chaource cheese

Ingredients and nutritional values

Soft-ripened cheese.

Ingredients : Thermised cow's milk (Origin: France), salt, ferments, rennet

Nutritional information for 100g
Calories 1 120KJ/270 KCal | Fat 22,00g | Of which saturated 15,80g | Carbohydrates 1,00g | Of which sugars 0,50g | Protein 17,00g | Salt 2,00g

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