Its characteristics

Born in the Truffle and Foie gras country, the Cabécou du Périgord Germain doesn’t lack character: both hot and cold, it’s always creamy and gooey. Mainly eaten "young", its taste will be more characteristic.


Did you know ?

The Cabecou is a cheese made from raw milk. Originating from Périgord, this cheese derives its name from the words “cabre” and “cou”, which literally means “little goat”.

Le Cabecou is a traditional cheese in the Perigord region

Tasting suggestions

This small goat’s cheese can be served hot or cold and enjoyed in an endless number of tasty dishes, particularly when combined with sweet ingredients such as figs or pears.

Pairing Cabecou-Wine

Preferably opt for a red Marcillac or red Côte de Brouilly.

Ingredients and nutritional values

Soft-ripened cheese

Ingredients : Pasteurized goat's milk (Origin: France), cultures, salt.

Nutritional information for 100g
Calories 1 142,00 KJ/275,00 KCal | Fat 22,00g | Of which saturated 17,00g | Carbohydrates 1,30g | Of which sugars 1,30g | Protein 18,00g | Salt 1,60g

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